The last 42 years here at McCarty has been and continues to be a great adventure.

A heart journey on a roller coaster, always thrilling, a little scary, but definitely worth the ride.

From our beginnings starting in my home in 1973 to the Hilton Hotel in 1974, and for the past 29 years in the Foothill Village, we have always set the standard. Starting with great talent who are dependable and very good at what they do. Negotiating fair rates, being honest with people, getting our talent paid, and always doing our best to help them achieve their dreams.

Our office staff is the best, and I owe them more than mere words can express. We are proud to represent the finest Actors, Models, Voiceover Artists, and Hair & Makeup Teams in our industry. Equally as thankful to our Clients that audition and hire our talent. I dedicate our website to all, past and present. I've learned a lot from each of you. - Susie McCarty